Despite being recognized by the government the victims/survivors are still not able to get the benefits and being denied of basic rights.

A human face is an individual’s identity and when that identity is lost forever? An individual becomes a stranger to its own face! The rest is self-explanatory.

This initiative is an Effort to Tell Some Stories of Courage, Hope and Untamed Human Spirit

#WoWakening is an effort to tell some stories of courage, hope and untamed human spirit. These are the stories of some extremely dauntless individuals who have dared to brave all odds and embraced a new face, a new identity.

This initiative is an Effort to Tell Some Stories of Courage, Hope and Untamed Human SpiritWith a robust thought in mind, ‘Imagine one fine morning we get up, walk up to the mirror and see a reflection of a face completely unknown’, two professionals felt the dire need to listen to their inner voice and use their skill to highlight one of the most debated issues of the current society. And hence the idea of #WoWakening came into existence.

Working in the industry since more than a decade Indranil Roy & Mamta Dhingra, marketing and communications professionals who runs lateral sutra, a Gurgaon based Marcom agency, are deeply passionate about the sensitive subject and have taken upon themselves the task to raise awareness about ‘inclusion’ of acid attack survivors in the mainstream society.

The stories of the survivors are heart wrenching – A middle aged nanny who looked after the kids of the household of an IAS officer was attacked by the man himself with acid after she dismissed his advances. A 16 year old girl was returning from school in a distant village of UP when her old neighbor poured a bottle of acid on her face and body because the girl refused to marry him. Another woman was assaulted and disfigured with acid by her own husband. The stories are many from across the country of some dauntless individuals, the ones who always had HOPE.

‘’My personal interactions have left me astounded and overwhelmed, one of the survivors I had met recently talks about how she was dismissed by her former employers on grounds of her disfigured looks, which fellow employees are not comfortable with. We believe it is our duty to lend a hand of compassion towards them and do our own share to make their life a little better after all that they have already gone through.’’ Says Indranil Roy, lateral sutra.

Through a series of different activities targeting all spheres of the society lateral sutra’s idea is to include every individual and educate them about this gruesome act and bring out the compassion in them at large, induce the thought of co-existence.
Recently the Indian government have made amendments to the existing bill which recognized acid attack survivors under ‘disability’ category which gives several rights to persons affected, such as access to public spaces that were previously inaccessible. There is also a clause that places of employment cannot discriminate against persons with disabilities. But in the day to day life they are being denied of the same.

This initiative is an Effort to Tell Some Stories of Courage, Hope and Untamed Human Spirit‘The campaign is an all-encompassing effort to bring forth the stories of these indomitable women and their individual journeys which are an inspiration to millions. Despite being pierced with gruesome atrocities they stand strong showing love for life and aspire to fulfill their dreams!,” says Mamta Dhingra, Founder, lateral sutra.

Understanding the huge gap between the individuals who have suffered, have been extremely brave in fighting all odds #WoWakening is acting as a bridge of empathetic, considerate and accepting.

#WoWkening through its crowdfunding campaign,activities, partners and corporate tie ups will be an ongoing and sustainable mode to help the survivors gain their due respect in all spheres of life.

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