National | 10th July 2020: JobsForHer, India’s leading online career portal for women has joined hands with Emergent Alliance, a non-profit alliance of partners sharing data to build economic resilience. The strategic partnership is aimed at helping corporations, small businesses and even nation-states make informed economic decisions post the pandemic.

As a part of the alliance, JobsForHer will be working alongside some of the largest organizations in the world, data specialists, and governments to support future decision-making on regional as well as global economic challenges. This will help people resume work and businesses flourish in the post-COVID-19 world. The alliance will analyze a broad set of economic, behavioural and sentiment data to offer new insights that will assist in rebuilding the economy and understanding the new normal and its impact. Focussing on privacy and security, the partnership will put to use the best practices for data sharing and robust governance. 

Along with this, underlining its commitment to help women start/restart their careers, JobsForHer has also recently launched HerTech, a global community of women technologists who share a common goal. Using their technical expertise and skill, they look to find comprehensive and lasting solutions to everyday problems the world faces, particularly in the COVID-19 crisis.

Speaking on the partnership, Ms Neha Bagaria, Founder and CEO of JobsForHer said, “Considering the current scenario of the world, we require thinkers, analysts with problem-solving skills who can help the economy get back on its feet. We need to build an economy that is capable of withstanding a crisis and can bounce back on its feet. We are delighted to partner with Emergent Alliance which is dedicated to the cause and hope to continue this fruitful partnership in the future.”

Commenting on HerTech, she added that, “For women, there are several roadblocks in the technology space. According to our poll of 3000+ women in technology, 33% of them said they were looking for opportunities to upskill themselves in the latest technologies. 29% of them said they needed challenges to showcase their skills, while 22% of them were keen on networking with fellow techies. Lastly, 15% of women said they require the right mentorship and guidance from tech leaders. HerTech is the ideal platform for women keen to pursue a career in technology.”

Rachel Gawley, Programme Director, Emergent Alliance said, “Our vision is to form an independent alliance and create a safe environment in which we share data, expertise, and resources to work together to collectively rebuild the economy and strengthen it for the future. We are happy to enter this partnership with JobsForHer and hope to continue our relations in the future.”