SAWiT.AI Launches Historic AI Learning Challenge to Transform India’s Economy and Workforce Gender Balance

SAWiT.AI Unveils World's Largest AI Challenge to Boost India's Economy by Empowering 500,000 Women
  • Female Workforce Participation Crisis: In 2022, India’s female workforce participation rate stood at a mere 24%, significantly lower than China’s 61%. This disparity means that over half of urban women remain at home daily, hindering economic progress.
  • Economic Potential: According to McKinsey, boosting female workforce participation by just 10% could contribute an additional $550 billion to India’s GDP.
  • Empowering Women through AI: SAWiT.AI is set to address this issue with an unprecedented initiative. In its first phase, the program will train 500,000 women in AI skills, aiming to propel India’s economic and technological development.

India – July 10, 2024 – SAWiT.AI, a transformative initiative, is set to revolutionize India’s economy by equipping 500,000 women with Artificial Intelligence (AI) skills. This world-first Generative AI Learning Challenge aims to bridge the gender gap in the workforce and position India as a global leader in AI innovation.

Launching on September 21, 2024, SAWiT.AI is a collaboration between South Asia Women in Tech (SAWiT) and GUVI. This initiative will provide 500,000 Indian women with foundational skills in Generative AI, backed by an advisory council featuring Roshni Nadar Malhotra (Chairperson of HCL Tech), Samantha Ruth Prabhu (acclaimed actor and women’s empowerment advocate), and Farzana Haque (Senior Leader at Tata Consultancy Services).

Roshni Nadar Malhotra emphasized, “To make a difference, you have to have large aspirations. SAWiT embodies this spirit.”

India’s female labor force participation rate stands at just 24%, significantly lower than global averages. McKinsey Global Institute estimates that increasing female participation by just 10% could add $550 billion to India’s GDP. However, societal norms and limited mobility restrict many women from entering the workforce.

The global demand for AI talent is skyrocketing, with the generative AI market projected to reach USD 803.9 billion by 2033. SAWiT.AI addresses this demand by equipping women with marketable AI skills, boosting career adaptability and confidence. Participants will gain valuable certifications and contribute to real-world AI applications.

SAWiT.AI will offer:

  • SAWiT.AI Learnathon (September 21, 2024): A hands-on learning experience in Generative AI.
  • SAWiT.AI Hackathon (October 2024): The world’s largest women-led Generative AI challenge.
  • SAWiT.AI Festival (November 2024): Celebrating AI innovation and recognizing challenge winners.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu expressed her excitement, “SAWiT.AI offers women the opportunity to elevate their careers and capabilities by learning transformative technology. I believe this initiative will showcase the unparalleled potential of Indian women.”

Women from tech and non-tech backgrounds are encouraged to apply for SAWiT.AI. Interested candidates can register on the SAWiT.AI registration page for a nominal fee of INR 99 by September 18, 2024.

HCL Tech, as a corporate sponsor, underscores its commitment to diversity and social impact by supporting SAWiT.AI. This partnership allows corporates to access top AI talent, addressing real-world business challenges with India’s brightest AI minds. Other global brands are joining, benefiting from diversity leadership and a rich talent pool.

SAWiT.AI aims to:

  • Bridge the gender gap in the tech workforce.
  • Unlock India’s $550 billion economic opportunity.
  • Empower women for career advancement and economic independence.
  • Fuel India’s rise as a global AI leader.

Farzana Haque added, “SAWiT.AI is a landmark event that will redefine the role of women in the tech industry.”

Anitha Natarajan, COO at GUVI, highlighted, “This event is more than just a learning opportunity; it’s about creating a movement that empowers women to lead in the tech industry.”

Sanjay Varma, Co-founder of Kalido, said, “Kalido is proud to support SAWiT.AI’s mission to build a more diverse and inclusive tech future.”

By bridging the gender gap and equipping women with crucial AI expertise, SAWiT.AI contributes to individual career growth and broader technological and economic advancement. For those interested in participating or partnering with SAWiT.AI, this is an unmissable opportunity to shape the future of AI in India and beyond.