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This Startup is Organizing a 1 Day Virtual Event for Students & Teachers

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Chander Sood
Chander Sood
Digital marketing professional.

20th October 2020: Avsar – Create Your Own Opportunity, Pathshala – India’s Education Market Place, an upcoming Ed-Tech is organizing a virtual event on 22nd Nov’20 comprising of 5 Live Sessions & 5 Competitions. Competitions begins from 20/10/2020 and results to be announced on the event day. The event focuses on overall talent recognition; hence the events are as follows:

  1. Dronacharya – Know Your Teacher
  2. Kalakriti – Wings to Creativity
  3. Parindey – Fly with your Moves
  4. Varnan – Express to Impress
  5. Lamhe – Capturing Moments

The rules for the event are simple,
Step 1: Register on the website ( & follow the Instagram page (

For Story Telling – The participants will receive email within 24 hours with an image to write a story on it & then submit it.

Step 2: Send your entries through the google link ( & upload it on your Instagram account by tagging Pathshala Online.

Step 3: Sit back and wait for the results.

Dronacharya is the only competition specific to teachers, where they need to share with us a 2 min video sharing their experience as tutor & why they chose teaching as career. These inspiring stories will give motivation to the educators around the country and boost their moral, as they have worked hard during the pandemic. Remaining all competitions are for students. Below is the list of Live Sessions followed by the speakers.

  1. Entrepreneurship – Mr Amit Verma & Mr Jitesh Khanna
  2. Career Guidance – Mr HB Keshava, Mr Harshit Binju, Mr Rishabh Agrawal, Mr Qureshi, Mr. Sagar
  3. Sex Education – Ms Sahiba Singh Dhupar
  4. Story Telling – Ms Shreya Suman
  5. Stress Management & Happiness – Ms Rabiah Bhatia

Pathshala – India’s Education Market Place to Search, Manage, Advertise & Sell, is an upcoming edtech which is bridging the gap between educators & learner. There are more than 600+ categories where learners can connect with educators in field of Curriculum (School & College Subjects), Competitive Exams, Hobbies, Professional Learning, Extra Curriculums, etc, through Live Classes, Offline Classes, and other mediums.

Pathshala has collaborated with The Explorers, SMVA Consultant, ClassInsta, Titliyan, Co-Founders Planet, University News Extravaganza as the outreach partners & with as the media partners.

Author – Mr Sahil Wadhwa (Founder- Pathshala | Edu-Preneur | AcadeX Speaker)

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