31st October 2019: Lyfboat, a leader in Global Medical Travel, has been recently awarded NABH accreditation, the highest certification for quality patient care and safety in India.

The certification provides a landmark and recognition to their efforts in providing
international patients access to the best hospitals in India. It is a testimony to Lyfboat’s
commitment towards bridging the gap and enable people from various parts of the world to
seek the best treatment for their medical conditions.

National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) is a part of
Quality Council of India (QCI) and is responsible for providing global accreditation to Indian
healthcare facilities for the quality of their services. The board caters to the needs of
healthcare consumers and sets a landmark for the standard of patient care and safety. The
norms and guidelines for the accreditation by NABH are based on international standards of
healthcare services.

NABH accreditation ensures that the certified hospital or healthcare centre offers
superlative services and excellent treatment facilities to the patients. The board is
structured to provide quality assurance and improve the healthcare sector of India.

NABH is an institutional part of International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua), one
of the apex international accreditation organizations and a board member of another top
organization, Asian Society for Quality in Healthcare (ASQua).

The national accreditation board is structured to provide an exhaustive accreditation
program to hospitals and healthcare companies which are then evaluated against strict
guidelines. The medical facilities that are accredited with NABH certification of Excellence
only if they meet the stringent standards and requirements of the program.

NABH evaluated Lyfboat on the basis of various criteria, including the enquiry process,
employee details (qualifications) and training, the facilities offered, infrastructure of the
office, travel related services such as visa assistance and local transportation, website
requirements such as the information provided on the website about the services and many
more. After a critical assessment and physical evaluation, Lyfboat was awarded the
certification that marks the excellence of their services for patients. This establishes that the company meets the benchmark for standard and safety norms as per the comprehensive regulations of the board.

Started in 2015, Lyfboat has flourished under the leadership of Dr. Surbhi, a renowned name in the field of medical travel with an experience of over a decade in enabling treatment in India for international patients. Lyfboat recognizes the specific needs of the patients travelling from abroad for their treatment and strives to deliver first-rate services. Lyfboat is a one stop reliable solution for international patients seeking the best quality care in the country with the most trustworthy prices and top surgeons in India.

Anuj Gupta - CEO of Lyfboat Tech. Pvt. Ltd.
Anuj Gupta – CEO of Lyfboat Tech. Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Surbhi Suden/ Anuj Gupta, the CEO of Lyfboat Tech. Pvt. Ltd. said, “ The accreditation
from NABH is a major milestone for our company as it recognizes Lyfboat’s endeavours and
commitment to patients around the world. Our dedicated approach towards specialized
healthcare has helped us in achieving remarkable success and this accreditation further
reinforces our commitment to meet patient expectations for quality treatment and services.
We have a widespread network of top hospitals and doctors in India and abroad and the
patients travelling through our system can be assured about the safety and standard of