Mumbai | 30th November 2019: In a highly fragmented Dental care services market (99%+ individual Dentist owned clinics), consumers struggle to find the right Dentist, there is a huge variation in price and delivery across clinics. Even a simple root canal in the same city can cost anywhere from INR 1,500 to 20,000. Doc32, through its network of clinics and integrated tech ecosystem, is changing that. Doc32’s SAAS offering standardizes and curates clinic-level operations across its network for a superior quality cost-effective service delivery.

On the top of the network of clinics, Doc32has also built a sophisticated Digital interface, which helps consumers get a free-detailed diagnosis and treatment planning including the price, number of sittings, pre & post service visualization even before entering a clinic. In the last 10 months, Doc32 has grown 20X and helped 10,000+ patients get their best smile in Pune & Indore.

Dental care in India is estimated to be a $15Bn market by 2023, growing at 20+% CAGR due to increasing awareness, growing disposable incomes and aspirations of millennials to have an attractive smile. However a broken supply has led to underserved “Pain Dentistry” market i.e. consumers go to a Dentist only in cases when they have an unbearable toothache, and untapped “Smile Dentistry” market where-in consumers are not aware of multiple new options that can help them get a perfect smile with very high precision, less cost and minimal effort

Revolutionizing Dental Care in India - Doc32

Hitesh Kakrani, Co-founder of Doc32, IIM Lucknow & P&G Alumni, says“We have taken a full-stack approach because in a category like Healthcare it is important to ensure a great consumer experience across the consumer journey.” For Dental care services especially in a market like India, the frequency of usage and importance of ecosystem makes a trusted brand way more relevant to consumers than just a neighbourhood Dentist. “Over the last 2 years, tech-led disruption in Dentistry has enabled direct-to-consumer interfacing and brought in a lot of transparency, precision and outcome control which is precisely the reason a lot of VC led activities have happened in Dental care globally creating really strong consumer brands like Smile Direct Club, Candid, Oraleye and Quip, Recent $35mn seed round of Tend Dental led by Redpoint ventures is also an example.”