This Startup Creates Healthcare Based Platform With an Integrated Artificial Intelligence System

This Startup Creates Healthcare Based Platform With an Integrated Artificial Intelligent System

We are publishing an interview of Mr. Atul Srinivasan, MedEX.

This Startup Creates Healthcare Based Platform With an Integrated Artificial Intelligent System

How would you introduce your startup?
MedX AI is a healthcare based platform with an integrated Artificial Intelligent system. We provide all medical services in a single space and it is a digital healthcare platform where you can avail cost-effective and hassle-free healthcare services.

What motivated you to start your venture?
There are a lot of factors which motivated me to start this venture both on a personal and societal basis. One of the major events was with me only, once I needed help regarding my health condition when I was in my college. I was unaware of the outside environment and have no one to help me there. That affected me a lot and later on, I went to google and then again there was another difficulty in comparing the doctors or which one is trusted enough to go to. This was one of the most important impact factors to motivate me.

What were your biggest hurdles or challenges while setting up your startup?
One of the biggest problems with us was the complex laws and structure of complete healthcare system. For example, their are certain rules that needed to be followed if you are going to work in or with health care system. And along with that, there is a huge amount of data you need to deal with.

How did you manage to overcome the above mentioned hurdles?
In the part of data, we have divided into certain parts and we have planned to deal with each part separately and in stages, And coming to the former question we have tried to know all the laws and restrictions involved and we will work accordingly.

Have you faced any failure throughout the journey? If yes, then do share it because failure have a lot to teach us.
Coming to the topic of failure I would say it is a part of life, I feel that the invalidation of my certain assumptions has been my failure because I was not completely able to feel the need of people and was assuming myself correct.

What all different roles have you played while building up your startup?
As a budding startup, we have to know all the role in the company. We worked as team leader, developer, public people, marketer and a decision maker.

Is there anything, other than these questions, that you would like to share which, you think, can inspire or motivate people?
Well said by the governor of AP and Telangana that we need more startups in the sector of health, education, security and rural development. I support the same and would like to spread his words to everyone because “India First” and India is nothing but the people living in it and we should consider their welfare first.

How would you like to acknowledge your pillars i.e. your team? Their inputs must be really valuable to you through the journey; they do deserve a token of appreciation.
I will say one can do nothing without a good team, a team which is really able to understand you and your vision and is always with you. In my case, I was having a great team, we are a team of three members including Arulsrinivaasan, Shuhail Arif and me. Technically we were from same class but not in touch with each other later on after talking to them I found them in line with my vision and we teamed up. You always need a good team if want probability of success more. In fact, my team worked more than me in this startup journey and that’s why I would always Thank them.