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Startup Success Stories of Indian Entrepreneurs

This food ordering app allows you to order dishes based on authentic food reviews from a panel of food experts

Dailycacy is a dish based food ordering app, aiming to create a user-friendly platform that allows you to order dishes based on authentic food...

This startup is India’s first holistic health platform and delivers services based on wide-ranging genetic analytics

The Gene Box essentially unboxes mystery of your DNA. The human body is made of several trillions of cells and is made up of...

This Website Is One Stop Solution For The Homeopathic Doctors In India

Mydoczone is one stop solution for the homeopathic doctors in India, founded in January 2015 by Arpit Asthana and Nisheeth Pandey. Currently their idea...

This is 4 years saga of success, passion, determination, hardwork, innovation and growth of Mohali based tech startup

Entrepreneurs are frantically, crazily, enthusiastically and lustfully infatuated with their business. They bet on their hard work, with a bit of luck thrown in....

This Startup provides all kinds of home health care services to avoid hassles of hospital visits

As we all live in super-fast, crowded and busy time period. We have to perform multiple tasks throughout the day in order to earn...



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